Thursday, April 24, 2014

The River to Atlanta

After being tossed into the river by my publisher who could no longer stay in business for reasons I will never understand, I was pulled into the lifeboat of Deep River Publishing.  I was searching for a new publisher, and I luckily discovered Deep River which happened to be in Oregon where I live.  I didn't follow through on getting a new publisher because my husband, Hubert, and I had a big trip planned.  It was a wonderful two week trek in February, which included doing a book signing at the National Hotel in Jamestown, cleaning out my parents' attic in California, and visiting our precious 19th grandchild in Phoenix.  We meandered home on back roads.  I realized we would be passing through Sisters, OR, definitely one of our favorite towns - and coincidentally, the location of Deep River Books.  I gave them a call and we had a pleasant visit with their publisher, Bill Carmichael, at a quaint coffee shop.  Hubert, one of those down-home, country folks with good instincts, liked him.  Sold!  I had a new publisher. 

And as often happens in life, there was a surprise blessing tucked into the lifeboat - an invitation to the International Christian Retail Show in Atlanta, Georgia, June 22-25.  This is a big deal for a first time author who lives outside of cellphone range.  I am truly enjoying my excursion in the world of authordom.  It's not about how many books I've sold (good thing!), but about the fun I've had meeting other authors and learning an entirely new career at retirement age.  May you all have such adventures!

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