Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life Is An Adventure

Don't give up, you young folks!  I have a new exciting career which started at 60. :)  If you are frustrated: in a boring job or buried under piles of laundry, be encouraged.  Those are great times which you will look back on as the good ole days - honestly.  But exciting things can lie ahead also - totally different adventures.  I never thought I would write anything, and here I am with a novel!  God has much better plans for our lives than we could ever devise.  Listen to Him, follow in His footsteps, and your life will never be boring!

Yesterday I was interviewed by Jackie B. Peterson of Better Smarter Richer for Solo Pro Radio.  It was my first interview.  Jackie was so pleasant that it was like having a conversation with an old friend.  You can hear the interview by going to

The Seamstress of Jamestown was written to be a pleasant story with a few twists and turns.  It can be read for mere entertainment.  However, if you pay attention you will find some good life lessons.  Emma Randall learns about forgiveness and then a deeper level of forgiveness than most people ever reach.  She also matures through being willing to change her opinions about people as she learns more truth about them.  And, like all of us, she has to accept sad events in her life along with the joyful ones.  The same is true of life in general: if you pay attention, you will learn as you go, growing better and more complete each day.

Enjoy the adventure!

Barbara on right watching Kilauea Lava flow by...Now that's an adventure!

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